I love shooting eyewear

Eye wear is one of my favorite products to shoot. Since the target audience is so varied it has endless possibilities and you couldn’t possibly get bored or complacent.

As a self admitting photography geek I enjoy the technical challenges of an eye wear project, which are usually a bit more complex than some people may think. I am referring, of course, to shooting eye wear on models, which anyone who shoots people knows as soon as you add the human factor to something, everything gets a little more complicated.

First and foremost there is the product itself. With this one you have the stem, the shape, the color the graphics, the material, etc, etc. Then you have to fit the right pair to the right model’s face, skin tone, hair color etc,etc. Now, what is the location like and where will you be putting them in relationship to your background? This is all well before you get to hit the shutter button, which is why we all got into this business in the first place, right?

Sometimes some of these questions are answered for me, other times not so much. But either way, the burden of success falls squarely on the photographers shoulders. No matter what happens you must come home with the goods!





About Jack Foley

Beginning my journey in the film lab business many years ago and was lucky to have some great bosses who were also great teachers. They gave me a priceless education into what happens to film during the back end, which in turn taught me, how to be a better photographer. Being a bit of a nerd I moved to digital capture pretty quickly and have never looked back. I do miss those long quite days in my darkroom, but I don't miss the toxic chemicals we used. I have shot everything form weddings to high end fashion advertising and loved most of it equally. I also teach at the Center for Digital Arts and am currently working on a new body of work that will, hopefully, inspire some and become many of this blogs topics.
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