New Years Eve

The view of the Boston Public Gardens, The Boston Common and some of the Boston Skyline from the 14h floor of the Taj Hotel, formally the Ritz Carlton, on Arlington Street and Newbury Street, in case anyone wants to visit. It really is the 13th floor, but Hotels can’t have a 13th floor since King Phillip the IV of France arrested most of The Knights Templar on the 13th of October, 1307, which happened to be a Friday. He then proceeded to torture, get confessions of apostasy, idolatry, heresy, obscene rituals, homosexuality, financial corruption and fraud, secrecy and then had them burned to death. Way to go Phil. His ultimate motivation being financial. He was in great debt to the Knights Templar after the war with England. So with a letter from the Pope inquiring about some charges against the Knights from two years prior, he quickly and gruesomely went about eliminating his debt. But I digress. I don’t thing the view would be much different from one floor above or below.

The Boston Public Gardens on New Year's Eve 2012 ©JaxStock

The Boston Public Gardens on New Year’s Eve 2012 ©JaxStock

It was also a great place to view the ‘family’ fireworks a well.

New Years Eve Fireworks 2012 ©JaxStock

New Years Eve Fireworks 2012 ©JaxStock

2013…Which way shall our luck fall? People say the harder you work the luckier you get. Well then…



About Jack Foley

Beginning my journey in the film lab business many years ago and was lucky to have some great bosses who were also great teachers. They gave me a priceless education into what happens to film during the back end, which in turn taught me, how to be a better photographer. Being a bit of a nerd I moved to digital capture pretty quickly and have never looked back. I do miss those long quite days in my darkroom, but I don't miss the toxic chemicals we used. I have shot everything form weddings to high end fashion advertising and loved most of it equally. I also teach at the Center for Digital Arts and am currently working on a new body of work that will, hopefully, inspire some and become many of this blogs topics.
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